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"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"



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Spay and Neuter your pets


Letting your pet have just one litter does cause pet overpopulation.

All euthanized pets came from one litter.

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Cassy 19K

My sweet 18 year old Cassy.

She got very sick, overnight, it seemed. We could not save here and she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you baby and I will love you always.

March 1981 - Jan 28,1999

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Sam 20K

My sweet Gentle Giant, Sam.

Sam is 9 years old and as loveable as can be.

He's a 22 pound Ragdoll and a bundle of soft and fluff.

Happiness is a warm, fluffy kitty.

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Salem 22K

This is Salem, my 2 yr. old Himalayan.

Salem is the brains of the operation!

He's a bundle of energy and just loves to give kisses.

Salem was adopted from KitNKat Himalayans.

Click on the banner to visit Donna and her fur babies.

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